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Birthday Gift Ideas Philippines

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If you’re seeking birthday gift ideas in the Philippines with a bit of class, why not consider personalized or luxury writing instruments? Sophisticated pens can make for valuable keepsakes, and even stay useful longer than most other gifts, as they last literal decades.

An engraved pen can be a great birthday gift for a businessman. It can also round out the desk accessories of college graduates just starting their first jobs. With a little engraving, an already handsome pen can become even more valuable.

For truly beloved and refined recipients, there are even special edition models like Cross’s Chinese Zodiac collectibles: topped with Swarovski crystals and etched with the design of each Chinese zodiac animal, each one is a present truly worth giving.

Cross Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog BP

This is the Year of the Dog model of the Cross Chinese Zodiac pens.

Even younger birthday celebrants can enjoy getting luxury writing implements. There are ones made by Cross that take themes from such pop franchises as Marvel, for instance. You can even find limited edition sets for Star Wars fanatics that include both special pens and notebooks.

Cross Tech 2 Marvel Collection BP

The Cross Tech 2 Marvel collection offers Marvel fans a refillable pen that can also be used on touchscreens.

No matter the age of the recipient, the crucial thing is to tailor the pen you give him to his needs and tastes. Aside from the matter of design—considering what colors or styles he would like—be sure to think too about what pen best fits his hands. Slimmer pens like the Cross Century II fit better in smaller hands, for instance. Larger ones like the Townsends are better for bigger fingers.

Cross Century II BP blue

The Cross Century II is best for people with slender fingers.

In other words, just be sure to pick a pen for the recipient, not yourself. You may even ask him what kind he would like if you do not mind dispensing with the surprise. At least, that way, you would still have the certainty of getting a present that will be liked and used long into the future.