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Christmas Gift Ideas Philippines

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Have you ever considered luxury pens among your Christmas gift ideas? They aren’t that common in the Philippines, but that would only add novelty value to them as presents. Furthermore, they would actually be among the longest-lasting and most useful gifts you could hand out. Well-made pens can last more than a lifetime: there are still pens almost a century old that are being used, in fact.

Parker Urban CT ballpoint

The Parker Urban is a stunning implement that many would be proud to get as a present.

Giving a pen to someone as a Christmas gift can have special meaning too. It can be a declaration of sorts, depending on the recipient and your relationship with them. If you give it to a young man or woman who has just entered the business world, it’s like wishing them well in their first venture into adulthood. If you give it to someone with artistic talent, it can be like saying you want to encourage them to develop that skill. You might even pair the pen with a leather carry case, which would tell them to indulge their creativity wherever they go.

Cross Tech 3

The Cross Tech 3 is a marvelous gift for a tech-savvy write, as it can also be used as a stylus or pencil, besides being a ballpen.

It’s even possible to give someone a Christmas gift set with both a pen and journal in it. That could be a good way to urge someone to start a diary or composition book. Pen makers also offer themed sets of this type for younger users: a Star Wars Jotzone set might be a good present for a sci-fi-loving teenager, for example.

Cross Jotzone Darth Vader

The real beauty of a luxury pen as a Christmas gift is the suggestion it carries. It urges the recipient to take it up, to weigh it in the hand and feel it as an instrument. It tells him to put it to paper and start writing or drawing, to create, to be productive. This stimulation can make that pen a forever accessory for the recipient: a reminder that someone believes in his ability to produce new ideas or make a difference in the world.