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Why You Should Write With A Cross Fountain Pen

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Writing is back. Yes, it is. In this day and age when everything is almost digital, we can proudly say that writing again, with the use of pens, is so back. And not only that, people are really getting to the old school of writing, wanting to write with fountain pens no less.

But there is something beautiful and nostalgic about using fountain pens. Nowadays people are really drawn back into retro, with ink smudged fingers and blotting paper. Old school is definitely fashionable nowadays.

Our sale of Cross fountain pens have risen since last year. But we think it’s more than just people getting old-timey. Using fountain pens, especially Cross fountain pens, have their technical advantages.  So we’ve come up with some reasons (more of sale pitch really :P) why you should also start using a fountain pen, and probably get a Cross brand at that. 🙂

It has a smoother writing experience.

Yes, fountain pens write smoothly on paper than your ordinary ballpoint pens. And Cross fountain pens have the smoothest inks in the market. And with it, a better handwriting, of course!

Fountain pens last longer.

How many ballpens have you broken so far? We believe most of us have had the experience of having our ballpens not write once we’ve dropped them. Ballpoint pen types seem to be disposable, especially the really cheap ones. But fountain pens, when taken cared of, can last a decade. Not to mention, the ink cartridges are actually cheaper and last longer.

You’ll have more colors to choose from.

Literally an array of color choices. Of course, locally, there are limitations. But it is basically just changing the ink cartridge if you want to have a different ink color. Cross fountain pens may be on the serious side for fountain pen writing, but other more casual and fun brands have offered different fun ink colors to choose from for their fountain pen line up.

You can write longer without your hands feeling tired.

Because writing with a fountain pen needs less pressure, your hands won’t feel fatigued as much when writing with it. This may be one of the reasons why people want to use a fountain pen.

It is just so cool!

Although fountain pens are staging a comeback, still not a lot of people are using or are willing to use fountain pens, much less a Cross fountain pen. So having one automatically gives you a seat at the cool kids table. But aside from it being cool, a Cross fountain pen has elevated from just being a writing instrument. It has become a statement, an accessory. Whether you’ll be using it to write a love letter or signing your name on the line, having a Cross fountain pen is definitely the coolest accessory you can own.

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