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What’s with an expensive pen? Why do some people spend thousands on very expensive pens?

While some may find ordinary, 20-peso pens alright and “usable”, the difference between that and a relatively more expensive ballpen is striking. And once you’ve felt what it’s like to write with a pen that cost a lot higher than 20 pesos, you’ll understand why professional and executives just can’t settle for the ordinary. After all, writing — that process of putting pen to paper — is still a very personal and intimate gesture that requires just a little bit more.

But there’s more to it than the brand and the design. For some reason, using an expensive pen makes one’s hand writing a little bit prettier, and a whole lot readable. 😛 Now, there are pens that are the most expensive ballpens in the world. With gold, rubies and sapphires. And we’re guessing these are not exactly the ones you want to use on a daily basis.

We’re talking about expensive pens that has that same modern, elegant look, but is also practical to use everyday. So here at Pen Philippines, we listed down 5 expensive pens in our catalogue that we think is worth owning, and worth your bucks. These pens are expensive, but not too expensive that they’re gonna leave a hole in your pocket.

Cross Apogee Collection

We are putting in the big guns here. This pen has bold and romantic designs. The writing experience is surely exquisite. If you are looking for that practical but high end gift for someone important in your life, this is it.

The Apogee Collection

Cross Townsend Collection

Another pen that’s perfect for a professional. This exudes confidence, and when you write with this pen, anything is possible.

Townsend Collection

Parker IM Rollerball Pens

If you are looking for a sleek and modern pen to use for signing contracts, then this is it. And we bet a lot of deals will be happening with this pen in the front lines.

IM Rollerball Pen

Cross Classic Century Collection

Simple, elegant and does the job well, the Cross Classic Century ballpen can be called an expensive pen, but it is so worth the investment. The writing is smooth and precise. This pen will last a lifetime.

Classic Century Collection

Parker Urban Series

This bullet shaped pen has flawless design and is very well balanced.

Parker Urban Series