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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I already ordered and the item is out of stock or no longer available?

We try our best to manage inventory to make sure that all our products are available and ready for shipment. In the case that an item you already purchased is out of stock, we will notify you immediately. We will let you know about possible replacements or we can either offer you a gift voucher or just refund the money.

Technical Support! Help!

If you are having trouble accessing the site or ordering, your can contact us through the chat at the lower right. One of our customer service representatives will assist you as soon as they become available. For email support, simply contact us here.


We have a guide to easily help you order. Simply check out our How To Order Guide here. We accept credit cards securely through Paypal and bank transfers to our Banco De Oro account. Every successful transaction will be sent an email with your order and payment details. Check your INBOX or your SPAM folder. If you think something went wrong, do not panic, simply contact us and we will help you as quickly as possible. If you have changes with regards to your order details after completing your purchase, contact us as soon as possible. As long as the item has not been shipped out, we will be open to making changes.

Packing and Shipping

We make sure your package is secure. We have over 6 years of experience so trust us with your order. We ship with Fedex, Xend Express or JRS Express. We need at least 1 business day to process your order, so order at least 3 days earlier if you are planning to give this as a gift or if you want it to arrive by a certain time. The couriers will take 2-3 business days to deliver the package within Metro Manila and 4-5 business days outside Metro Manila. Please keep in mind that they do not deliver on holidays and sundays. They operate until noon for Saturdays.  


Our engraving services are only applicable to certain pen collections. If you’d like to see which pens can be personalized, click here. We are also offering personalized pens as corporate gifts. We can send you a quotation, just fill up this form.

Engraving Technicalities

  • What engraving styles do you do?

We have 2 engraving styles you can choose from. The BLOCK style and the SCRIPT style.

Personalize Your Pens at pen.com.ph BLOCK STYLE

Script Engraved Name on your Pens for a more unique gift idea SCRIPT STYLE

  • Can I choose which engraving style to use?

Yes, for certain pen collections you can choose which engraving style. However, there are some pens that can only be engraved with a certain style (Block or Script). In these cases, we will notify you immediately.

  • How many characters can I have engraved on my pen?

We accept a maximum of 15 characters (including spacing).

  • Can you do a double line engraving?

No, we do not do a double line engraving. We can only do a single line engraving.

  • Can you do engraving on both sides of the pen?

No, We do not do engraving on both sides of the pen. Only one side engraving is available.

  • What color will the engraved name be done with?

The color of the engraved name will depend on the body of the pen. The body of the pen is the “shell” casing, not the exterior color. Most of the pen’s body is stainless steel.

  • Can I have my engraved pen returned or exchanged after I received it?

No. Once your purchased pens have been engraved with, you can no longer return or have them exchanged.

Parker Pen Boxes

Here are samples of the Parker boxes.

  • Regular Parker Box

Standard Parker Box

The Regular Parker Box is the box we include for the Corporate Giveaway Service.

  • Premium Parker Box

Parker Plastic Box

The Premium Parker Box is the box included when you purchase the following Parker pen collections.

  1. Parker Jotter T-Ballpens
  2. Parker Classic Series
  3. Parker IM Pens
  4. Parker 45 Collection
  5. Parker Vector Collection
  • Special Parker Box

Special Parker Packaging

The Special Parker Box is the box included when you purchase the following Parker pen collections.

  1. Parker Urban Series
  2. Parker IM Rollerball Pen
  3. Parker Sonnet Collection

Gift Box

Pen.com.ph gift box for pens

The Gift Box is a great option for you if you no longer have the time to make your own gift wrapping. We recommend adding this if you wish to purchase the following pens:

  1. Parker Jotter T-Ballpens
  2. Parker Classic Series
  3. Parker IM Pens
  4. Franklin Covey Pens
  5. Parker 45 Collection
  6. Parker Vector Collection

Available in Light Blue and Pink colors.

Ink Refills

  • Do you replace or refund the ink refill I ordered if it won’t write?

We won’t be replacing or refunding any ink refills since they are brand new and sealed when we get them from our suppliers.

  • How do I make it work?

It is normal for ink refills to not write immediately. Usually the tip of the pen will be clogged, especially if they are stored for some time. This mostly happens to ballpoint ink refills. The trick is to heat up the tip of the pen using a lighter. Click here for a more detailed explanation.