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Gifts for a Ninong and Ninang at a Wedding

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Most people scratch their heads when thinking of giveaways for a wedding’s principal sponsors. That’s because it can be difficult to think of a present that all recipients will appreciate, unless you get disparate gifts for each person. On the other hand, it shouldn’t necessarily be that hard: all you need is something that everyone can use and also find attractive. A fine personalized pen, for instance, can be appreciated and used by nearly everyone.

Parker Frontier Dark Green bp

The Parker Frontier in Dark Green offers somber, classic appeal, and can be engraved.

A personalized luxury pen can be a wonderful addition to anyone’s list of portable accessories. Recipients from all walks of life and ages can make use of it. Fortunately, there are hundreds of such pens now from which to choose: you can find almost any pen design or color to match your wedding’s theme, or your recipients’ preferences.

Parker IM Rollerball

The Parker IM Rollerball comes in a range of colors, like the black lacquer with gold trim.

Most ninongs and ninangs would love a giftwrapped Parker IM rollerball, for instance. It can be engraved too, to add a special message or even someone’s name.

Cross Tech Darth Vader

And if your principal sponsors are on the more tech-loving side, you can choose something like the multifunctional Cross Tech, for instance. Not only does it sport an unapologetically forward design but it can also turn from a black to red ballpoint, to even a pencil and digital stylus. You can even find it in Stars Wars themes, if your sponsors are the types who fancy that particular film franchise.

Cross Townsend medalist

This is the Cross Townsend in the hugely classy Medalist color pattern.

But if you want the absolute best gift for the principal sponsors of your wedding, why not opt for the unstinting refinement of the Cross Townsend, also dubbed the President’s Pen? This beautiful ballpoint comes in a rich array of colours and is designed to adorn any hand wielding it. For the ninong and ninang with truly discerning taste and whom you hold in highest esteem, only a gift such as this can begin to express your gratitude.