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Gifts for Ninong and Ninang at Baptism

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Looking for baptism giveaways for your ninong and ninang?

When people put forth godparent gift ideas, they tend to suggest items that are purely decorative: little porcelain figurines, for instance, or potpourri vases embellished with ribbons. But shouldn’t the gifts for ninongs and ninangs be of more practical worth? The godparent-godchild relation is one that should be more than ornamental, you see. Why shouldn’t the tokens we give to commemorate it be the same?

Perhaps one of the very best tokens for such a purpose is the customized pen. This is not your average, cheap plastic, disposable ballpoint unit. Rather, we’re talking about a luxury pen made of quality materials, made to last for a literal lifetime. Just like the godparent-godchild relationship, these pens endure throughout the years. And throughout those years, they remain of genuine service.

There are luxury pens in classic designs, like the easily-recognizable Cross Century or the dependable Parker 45.

Cross Century Gold engraved don't stop believing

The Gold Filled Cross Century is a stunning token… especially when engraved.

Parker 45 Silver GT BP

The Silver GT version of the Parker 45 is a nice update of the classic pen model.

There are luxury pens too in more daring lines reflective of contemporary senses, like the Franklin Covey Nantucket.

Franklin Covey Nantucket ballpoints

The Franklin Covey Nantucket pens come in solid and radial colors.

There are even pens that meld both aesthetic styles, like Cross’s Bailey pens.

Cross Bailey BP

The Cross Bailey pens come in a lot of colors, enough to match your baptism’s color theme.

Many of these pens can also be customized by being engraved. For a godparent, a likely engraving would be the godchild’s name, for remembrance. Every time the ninong or ninang picks up that pen or uses it to write something, he or she will then have a reminder of the child he or she has sworn to guide.