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Luxury Pen Gifts for a Wedding Entourage

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Refillable and personalized pens make lovely gifts for a wedding entourage. As both reminders of that special event and tokens of esteem for the recipients, they last much longer than other presents. Where most entourage gifts tend to be set aside as purely ornamental keepsakes, after all, luxury and customized pens can be both decorative as well as useful.

Franklin Covey Greenwich ballpoint and pencil

The Franklin Covey Greenwich is a good example of an affordable luxury pen that you can give out as a gift to your wedding sponsors.

Pens for a wedding entourage don’t need to be too pricy. Couples on a budget can present their guests with Franklin Covey Greenwiches for less than PHP 1000. Those seeking something more elegant or able to spend more on their entourages’ tokens can go with other models. If your entourage is small enough, for instance, you might even splurge on a set instead of a single pen, as with a Cross Beverly pen and pencil set.

Cross Beverly chrome ballpoint

The handsome Cross Beverly is found in pen and pencil sets, and comes in several colors (even pink).

Many pens can also be engraved to add a little personal touch to them. The members of a wedding entourage would be certain to appreciate a little engraving of either their names or the wedding couple’s on their tokens. Consider the engraveable Parker Jotter T ballpens for sleekly styled weddings, for instance.

Parker Jotter T Ballpoint chrome and gold

The Parker Jotter T ballpoint is an attractive combination of modern and classic design cues.

Or the Parker Urban pens for couples and weddings leaning towards more modern style.

Parker Urban Black Ballpoint pen

The sensuous curve of the Parker Urban’s grip gives it a striking profile (and also makes it feel very good when in the hand).

Even wedding entourages for younger, “quirkier” marriage events can appreciate these special gifts. Franklin Covey’s Hinsdale pens, for example, communicate trendy youth to go with their multifunctional character (they can be switched from blue ink, black ink, red ink, and pencil with a single twist).

Franklin Covey Hinsdale

In sum, there’s no end to the refillable and personalized pen options you have if you’re seeking gifts for your matrimonial entourage. Whether it’s only for your primary sponsors or also the bridesmaids and groomsmen, you’ll have dozens of appealing choices available.