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Engraved Pens Are The Best Personalized Gifts In the Philippines

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When looking for gifts, don’t we all want something that’s unique and really one of a kind? Something that we know only our love one will have? And what more says special than a personalized gift? A personalized gift doesn’t only turn an otherwise ordinary gift into something special, it also shows that you made an extra effort for it.

Not a lot of people are aware that there are quite a few personalized gifts available here in the Philippines. In fact, they may still turn to nice pens that they can have engraved as their go-to-gifts. That’s cool. Pens are practical and very useful. Not to mention, when they see their name on it, you can be sure that your love one will truly appreciate it.

We here at Pen Philippines believe that engraved pens are one of the best personalized gifts in the Philippines, if you know which nice pens to get as gifts. Here are a few reasons why.

A Gift For All Occasion

Personalized pens are great gift ideas all year round. No matter what the occasion is – birthdays, anniversaries, corporate giveaways, Christmas giveaways, Valentines, etc. – you can be sure that a nice pen that’s uniquely engraved will be suitable.

Here are some pen collections suggestions for you.

Jotter T-Ballpens

Parker Vector Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

Cross Calais Collection

A Gift For Everyone

Girl or boy, mom or dad, boss or an aspiring individual, a luxury pen is appreciated by everyone. Make it a personalized pen gift, and you’ll have a very happy love one. A nice pen is valued the most when they know it is made or gotten just for them.

A pen maybe too common a gift, but if you personalizes it, even though it is a gift suitable for everyone, it becomes unique to that person, and no other person in the world will have that same pen. 🙂

Some suggestions of personalized pen gifts in the Philippines that are worth it.

Nantucket Series – Engrave

Cross Stratford Satin Black

Parker Vector Rollerball Stainless Steel


Of course pens are very practical and useful, and they are staging a comeback. One can not deny the importance of still writing with a pen, and most of us, if not all, will need a pen. So why not get a nice pen, right? 🙂

Here are our suggestions for personalized pen gifts.

IM Rollerball Pen

Tech3 Collection

Lasts Forever

Pens can literally last forever. If well taken cared of (and we have the exact product here to help you take care of your luxury pens), these luxury pens will last you for a long time. I mean there is a reason why they are not cheap. The workmanship and quality of these pens come with a little price. All you have to do is replace the ink once it runs out.

Here’s some of our best personalized pens.

Townsend Collection

Parker Urban Series

Parker Vector Collection