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Cross Century engraved XOXO

Personalized pens may seem old-fashioned at first. That’s because so much of what we do nowadays seems to be conducted digitally. But if you just pause to think about it, the truth is that we still run regularly into situations where an old-fashioned pen is necessary. It could be anything from signing a receipt to filling out a form at the bank. Even the younger generation, digital-loving as it is, still uses the classic ballpoint almost every day at school.

The personalized pen is therefore not out of use. And with pen manufacturers coming up with new lines all the time, it’s also not out of style. There’s no shortage of pen models to choose from right now.

Franklin Covey Bristol pink

Even younger labels like Franklin Covey have a selection of modern pens with just a touch of classic styling, as seen in this Pink Bristol Ballpoint.

While not all of them can be personalized (some have materials or shaft embellishment that makes engraving problematic) most of them can be. Any personalized ballpen supplier in the Philippines can help you find a model that suits your tastes and can also be engraved.

Cross Bailey Red Lacquer

The Cross Bailey is an attractive pen model that can also be engraved very nicely.

Even in the Philippines you can find models from such esteemed names as Parker and Cross, ready to be rendered unique. The right pen with the right etching can become the perfect accessory for you at your promising new job—or the best gift for a beloved parent always conducting business at his desk—or even the ideal encouragement for a young student about to enter college. It can be a mark of style or of constancy, or of affection when given as a gift.

Parker IM Black with silver trim BP

The streamlined, contemporary styling of the Parker IM would make it a great choice for a personalized gift to a younger recipient.

A personalized pen supplier in the Philippines like Pen PH can engrave other things onto your chosen writing instrument. So don’t hesitate to come up with other words or ways to personalize the pen of your choice, whether it’s for yourself or someone else.

Cross Century Gold engraved don't stop believing

This Cross Classic Century in gold bears a personal message worth remembering.