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The Apogee Collection


The Cross Apogee Collection pens are best described as “pure couture” with its feel and the way it will make you feel.


Product Description

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No pen can be more satisfying than Cross’ new generation Affinity collection pens. It’s a perfect balance of style and elegance, with finishes inspired by romantic traditions. Definitely the pinnacle of 21st century design when it comes to pen creations.

*Actual colors may vary.

Additional Information

Weight 37 g
Dimensions 5.59 x 0.49 in

Apogee Collection


Frosty Steel, Titian Red Lacquer, Black Star Lacquer, Chrome


Рspring-loaded clip Рcap-over-barrel design Рsatin-finished center band and polished, chrome-plated appointments Frosty Steel: pale blue translucent European lacquer over guilloch̩-etched chrome Chrome: distinctive guilloch̩-etched chrome for subtle texture and depth Black Star Lacq: highly polished black European lacquer finish Titian Red Lacq: deep red translucent European lacquer over polished chrome


– black, medium ballpoint pen – Cross specially formulated ink – refill: # 8513


– center weighted and balanced for effortless writing – swivel-action propel/repel feature


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